We congratulate Valerii Ivanovych Hrynchak on his jubilee!

June 21, 2017
Today, legendary intelligence officer turns 60 years old
We congratulate Valerii Ivanovych Hrynchak on his jubilee!

The Ukrainian land is renowned for its warriors who have always displayed exceptional courage and heroism. Since ancient times, Ukrainians have been noted for their military deeds, adherence to military service and self-sacrifice in the name of Homeland.

The Afghan war of 1979–1989 left a sad trace in the memory of the Ukrainian people. Thousands of perished and maimed warriors – such was the price paid by Ukrainians for the unadvised decision of the Russian leadership regarding the participation in the war. However, the courage and heroism of Ukrainians displayed in the distant Afghanistan cannot be questioned. The names of Yaroslav Horoshko, Oleh Onyshchuik, Ihor Ploskonos - heroes of the Soviet Union who followed through with their officer and military duty - are forever engraved in the history of intelligence.

Today, Hero of the Soviet Union Valerii Hrynchak celebrates his 60th anniversary. Having been critically injured while performing a combat task in Afghanistan, Valerii Ivanovych did not lose moral courage and his will to win. Over a period of several years, through his direct participation, future intelligence officers obtained education in the glorious Kyiv Higher Combined Arms Command School. Many of them are currently protecting the liberty and independence of our state in the East of Ukraine.

We sincerely congratulate Valerii Ivanovych on his jubilee! We wish him good health and implementation of all plans and wishes!