Ukraine defends the world

What we do

The intelligence agencies of Ukraine are assigned with the following tasks:

  • gathering, analytical processing intelligence information, and providing consumers with it in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Intelligence";
  • conducting measures with the view to promote the implementation of the national interests of Ukraine, ensure security and participate in the formation and implementation of state policy in spheres defined by the law, strengthening defence capability of the state, economic and scientific-and-technical development;
  • identifying and determining the degree of external threats for Ukraine's national security, including in cyber space, live, health of its citizens and objectives of government property outside Ukraine, organizing and conducting special (active) measures regarding such threats and countering other activities that pose an external threat for the national security of Ukraine;
  • participating in combating terrorism, counteracting intelligence and subversive activities against Ukraine, transnational organized crime and other criminal activity that pose an external threat for the national security of Ukraine;
  • achieving cooperation with the competent bodies of foreign state, international organizations;
  • exercising other functions determined by the law with the view to ensure the national security of Ukraine.

Main tasks of intelligence are as following:

  • timely providing consumers with intelligence information;
  • promoting the implementation of the national interests of Ukraine;
  • countering external threats to the Ukraine's national security in spheres determined by the law.

The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine conducts intelligence in the defence, development of military capability, military and military-technical as well as cybersecurity areas.

The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine is a main command and control body within military intelligence system. Within the limits of its powers as established by the Law of Ukraine “On Intelligence” and acts of the President of Ukraine, it coordinates activity of subjects of military intelligence and involves other defined subjects, in special period – other components of defence forces to perform tasks, set before the intelligence body.

Intelligence body of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine within its competence may also involve other subjects of intelligence community to perform intelligence tasks.