We are alive – till we remember

July 18, 2016
Near Kropyvnytskyi, there was conducted a fish tournament in honor of the Hero of Ukraine Yurii Kovalenko
We are alive – till we remember

Seventeen teams moved in together to honor the memory of the Hero of Ukraine. Almost all participants personally knew Yurii Kovalenko. Fishery’s topic was chosen because of Yurii’s interest. All his leisure time, he spent or with his family, or with fishing rod.

The initiator of such honoring became a sworn brother of Yurii Kovalenko, the commander of the 3rd Special Forces regiment Hero of Ukraine Oleksandr Trepak. He remembers Yurii as a true warrior who showed what was the honor and dignity by personal example.

– He was always ahead, gave a good example to guys. If it was footmarch, Yurii Viktorovych took his equipment and ran together with other. He was the first. He didn’t calm down until he reached the best result. He was hazardous in this sense, – Oleksandr Trepak remembers.

– If Yurii was alive, what I would say him… Maybe, I would simply embrace him and I would say that we love him very much, and not only him but all those guys who aren’t next to us, – a hero’s combat sworn brothers says.

After competitions, the participants agreed to continue this tradition. After a year, they will honor the memory of their teacher and friend with fishing rods and positive mood.