To Be Always the First

October 4, 2019
Today, one of the first commanders of a Special Forces unit of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine Yaroslav Horoshko would have turned 62 years old
To Be Always the First

For performing combat tasks in Afghanistan, Yaroslav Horoshko was twice awarded the Order of the Red Star and was bestowed with the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. When Ukraine gained its independence, a strong and willed commander, a courage warrior who had had to go through a path, poured with blood and sweat, as well as to undergo with honour all trials, prepared by fate, he passed his combat knowledge and skills on to a young generation of Ukrainian intelligence officers.

Since 1993, Yaroslav Horoshko trained Special Forces units of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine. The commander was willed, tough but fair; he created new elite of the Ukrainian troops.

On June 8, 1994, Lieutenant Colonel Horoshko tragically died, but his two sons Pavlo and Ivan both became officers, as their father dreamt. With honour and dignity the descendants of the Hero continued the glorious traditions to serve the Motherland.

Veterans of the Military Intelligence of Ukraine remember Yaroslav Pavlovych with gratitude and say that knowledge, received from him, has repeatedly saved their lives in the course of counteracting the Russian aggressor.