Today is an International Volunteer Day

December 5, 2014
From the beginning of the Revolution of Dignity, volunteer movement in Ukraine has become a powerful force that nowadays has combined thousands of Ukrainian people in the world
Today is an International Volunteer Day

On December 5, annually, world community celebrates an International Volunteer Day. Decision on confirmation of this holiday was resolved by UN General Assembly in 1985, but one year ago few people in Ukraine knew about existence of this holiday and participated in volunteer initiatives.

Occupation of the Crimea, aggression in the east of Ukraine and with it an irresistible impulse to live and to predominate in own state, have combined millions of Ukrainian people who expends their free time, energy, abilities and funds on charitable projects – from the assistance to migrants till support to ATO’s forces.

In a short time, volunteer movement in Ukraine has become a strong, patriotic and consolidated power. Due to all-round support, the personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, other enforcement agencies and voluntary formations of our state have been deterring the Russian aggression in the east of Ukraine.

Every day the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine feels friendly assistance of journalists and clergy, farmers and businessmen, schoolchildren and pensioners. In the history of mankind, in no country in the world, the defenders of Motherland had such sincere and all-round assistance!

Intelligence men sincerely thank all volunteers and personally thank Yurii Biriukov for assistance and assure that to make all efforts for protecting of independence and territorial integrity of our state.