Military-patriotic education of the youth is a guarantee of the existence of a strong and prosperous Ukraine

September 25, 2015
Despite the accomplishment of a significant amount of assigned tasks in ATO area, scouts find time to meet with young people

Russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine exposed complex problems in preparation our country for armed defense against attacks on its independence and territorial integrity. One of the problems is an unacceptable state of military-patriotic education of youth, which has undergone into stagnation and had no systemacy during last years. However, both in combat conditions and in peace life, in the building process of military-patriotic education system, the Ukrainian scouts are one of the first.

Despite the fulfillment of a significant amount of assigned tasks in ATO area, scouts have found time for conducting trainings and communication with young people. So, these days the scouts of 3rd separate regiment of Special Forces within the framework of “Defender of Kirovohrad region” programme, have conducted training for three days. More than 50 senior pupils took part in it. During the trainings, the young men acquired many useful for every man skills on fighting, handling of weapons and hand-to-hand fighting techniques.

Firstly, Special Forces men conducted excursion in their military unit for cadet’s class of one of the town educational institutions. Opportunity to visit a museum of the legendary regiment, to see and hold in hands weapons, to listen the story of experienced scout – all these made an incredible impression on teenagers who all today have admired dreams of becoming a scout.