Particular attention to the compliance of reconnaissance men preparation system to the current environment

March 24, 2016
The ATO experience is implemented to the educational system of the specialized reconnaissance institutions and units

Comprehensive experience of arrangement and conducting of reconnaissance gained during ATO is being actively implemented in an integrated system of preparation of reconnaissance units and detachments. Particular attention is paid to the preparation of officers.

Other measures to improve training and education system of cadets-scouts have been lately implemented in the Military Academy. So, as it was agreed with the Ukrainian Military Law-Enforcement Service (hereinafter - VSP), the VSP units will be involved to the tactical training exercises of cadets-scouts. Such cooperation is mutually beneficial, because the VSP units receive an opportunity to improve the system of counteraction to the enemy's sabotage-reconnaissance groups and the scouts, in their turn, acquire practical experience of conducting reconnaissance in the face of fierce counterintelligence regime of the adversary.

Moreover, there still continue the measures of developing and improving software for communications hardware at the Academy's faculty for preparation of reconnaissance men and Special Forces specialists.