“Veterans. Life goes on…”

December 22, 2016
Volunteers of “Come Back Alive” Fund published a charitable calendar and dedicated it to ATO veterans
“Veterans. Life goes on…”

This calendar depicts civilian lives of warriors after service.

Dmytro, codename “Amur”, joined the reconnaissance troop of the

95th airmobile brigade of the Armed Forces in the spring of 2014. He served in ATO area for one year and took part in the legendary Raid and defence of Donetsk airport. Following service, he started his own business – a “Cyborg massage” cabinet. It was Dmytro’s long-nurtured dream was to master manual therapy and massage. Through his positive experience he has proved that every person can fundamentally change his life if he wishes to do so. The main thing is to love that you do and not to allow the fear of change stop you.

Yevhen, codename “Zhora”, also served in the reconnaissance troop of the

95th brigade. He took part in the liberation of Sloviansk, Lysychansk, Krasnyi Luch, Popasna and defended Donetsk airport. He was awarded the order “For Courage”. When he came back from the war, he founded the ATO Participants Union of Desna district in Kyiv. Today, the Union is increasing, new projects are being launched – from patronage of families of wounded servicemen and fallen warriors to the education of those who want to serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine on a contractual basis.

Andrii, codename “Moldovan”, is a reconnaissance man of the 53rd separate mechanized brigade. Having served for over a year, he is currently mastering a new profession for Ukraine – audit of volunteer assistance. Andrii travels from one permanent post to another in the area of combat actions and checks the effectiveness of deploying high-precision means given by “Come Back Alive” Charitable Fund.

The presented portraits of each hero are not simply stories about men who experienced war. They are stories of victories. Victories in battles, victories over circumstances and victories over themselves.