“Whole Ukraine is proud of you”

February 14, 2015
President of Ukraine awarded a title of Hero of Ukraine to commander of detachment of Special Forces Colonel Oleksandr Trepak. The presentation of the award was held in the course of the visiting of training center of National Guards of Ukraine by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

“Whole Ukraine is proud of you”Oleksandr Trepak has participated in warfare since April 2014. He displayed courage and heroism more than once, skillfully commanded by the personnel. Near Artemivsk at the head of group of eight reconnaissance men, he captured a terrorist’s checkpoint at the entrance to the city and maintained it during three hours, having ensured security corridor. During the battle, he was wounded but he refused to evacuate, and was in charge of repelling an attack of gunmen on Central artillery base of armament in settlement Paraskoviivka Donetsk region for two days and nights.

After the receiving treatment in hospital from August 27 to October 3, 2014, he commanded the defensive of the Donetsk airport during which 8 tanks were shot down, more than 270 gunmen were annihilated and 6 gunmen were captured.

Also, President of Ukraine presented Golden Star to Hero of Ukraine Major Ihor Herasymenko, the commander of battalion of 95th separate airmobile brigade.

“Today, I am honored to present the highest award of Ukraine – Star of Hero. Each of you receives this award for courage, firmness, and unstinting devotion to your country. Your names have already been written in gold in history of Ukraine”, – Petro Poroshenko said, presenting awards to the militaries.

“You defended not only Shchastia or Debaltseve – you defended the whole Ukraine. The whole Ukraine is proud of you”, – also President emphasized.