Ukrainians have memorialized the fallen scouts

November 30, 2014
Having given up their lives for independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine, the warriors-scouts will remain forever in the hearts of citizens of Ukraine

On November 28, 2014, at the same time in several corners of Ukraine the countrymen, relatives and combat sworn brothers honoured the memory of fallen scouts of 3rd separate regiment of Special Forces of Ukraine.

So, in village Vysoki Bairaky, Kirovohrad region, in local school a memorial plaque was opened in honour of Sergeant Anatolii Buzuliak who was killed on July 29, 2014, near Snizhne, Donetsk region. In Shevelev secondary school, Kharkiv region, a memorial plaque was placed in honour of Private Stanislav Maiseev who was killed on July 15, 2014, near Izvaryne Luhansk region.

Both scouts were awarded with the orders “For Courage” for personal courage and heroism displayed in protecting state sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, adherence to oath of allegiance.

In the events on honouring of memory of fallen Special Forces’ men, their relatives, friends, classmates, combat sworn brothers, teachers and the inhabitants of settlements took part.

Combat sworn brothers of fallen persons swore that they have never forgiven enemy for the death of defenders of Ukraine. The enemy, who today has been killing Ukrainian soldiers and civilian residents, will be surely punished.