Ukrainian National Memory Institute presented a project – “Warrior. History of the Ukrainian army”

January 31, 2016
The project's authors plan to provide every military unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with a set of posters

The set comprises 24 posters about the history of the Ukrainian army from the times of Kyiv Rus till nowadays. On the posters of A1 paper format, the warriors are presented in Ukrainian uniforms of all the times and with the appropriate arms.

The project depicts the army of the Ancient Rus, Ukrainians in the army of the Great Duchy of Lithuania, the Cossacks troops, Ukrainian Sich Riflemen, army of the Ukrainian state, Carpathian Sich, Ukrainian Insurgent Army. The photos are completed with the information about military units of those times: military structure, strength, armament, military branches and services, art of war, participation in warfare.

An integral element of reforms in the Ukrainian army should be a revival of Ukrainian military traditions. The Head of the Ukrainian National Memory Institute Volodymyr Viatrovych emphasizes: "It is extremely important that everyone who now defends the Ukrainian land understood that they continued the mission of those who had defended our state over the previous centuries. This historical materials and their visualization are needed to promote Ukrainian military traditions among the warriors, in order to transform our army in a solely Ukrainian one. Not a post-Soviet, but exactly Ukrainian army can defeat the Russian troops in the present war".

The creators of the project plan to pass an edition of 10 thousand copies to the military units in the nearest future.