Ubi соnсоrdia ibi victoria

February 8, 2019
Future of nation and state depends on unification of the Ukrainian society
Ubi соnсоrdia ibi victoria

DIU employees were discussing this during their meeting with professor of the Institute of History of Ukraine Vladyslav Verstiuk.

Discussing preconditions of the 1918 Ukrainian revolution and the causes of its defeat, historian and intelligence personnel unanimously came to decision that if all renowned figures had worked as a team at that time, the heroes of Kruty wouldn’t have perished and Ukraine wouldn’t have lost its independence.

Projecting events of that time through nowadays, DIU personnel adduced the facts of employment of the same methods of hybrid war by Russia that occupants are currently using against Ukraine. As well as today, 100 years ago the Russian authority attempted to destroy national consciousness of the Ukrainians when “fake news” term did not exist.

Discussing the current struggle against the Russian occupants, DIU employees noted that a mistake of hundred years’ prescription is taken into account and in accordance with “Ubi соnсоrdia ibi victoria” principle – where is harmony there is victory – are coordinating counteraction to the Russian aggression with foreign partners as well as stressed that are ready to repulse aggressor in case of its offensive.