Bas-relief in memory of perished Heroes of Ukraine Dmytro Maiboroda and Kostiantyn Mohylko was installed in Vinnytsia

June 15, 2016
Pilots-heroes adhered to the Oath of Allegiance and officer duty forever

Yesterday in Vinnytsia, at the building of the Partnership Association for Contribution the Defence of Ukraine, located at Vyzvolennia Street, a memorial plaque in honor of two Heroes of Ukraine – Kostiantyn Mohylko and Dmytro Maiboroda was installed.

The representatives of the Command of the Air Forces of Ukraine, local authority, NGOs, clergy, garrison’s servicemen, relatives and friends of perished heroes took part in this event.

– Boundless love to the sky and Ukraine united both our sons. Both Kostiantyn and Dmytro remained in a critical situation at the wheel of own aircrafts till the last moment. They, unhesitating, laid down their lives in the sake of saving of the crews’ members and avoiding of victims among the civilians, – Hero’s mother Tetiana Maiboroda said.

Kostiantyn Mohylko’s father Viktor Petrovych thanked for support and assistance in perpetuation of Heroes’ memory.

– The future generation of Ukraine’s defenders will be raised as an example of their selflessness, patriotism and courage, – he noted.

The Chief of Staff – First Deputy Head of Aviation of the Command of the Ukrainian Air Forces Major-General Ihor Yanushevich appealed citizens for keeping always in memory the aviators’ feat.

– Today’s opening of a memorial plaque is other evidence of Heroes have never died. They live in the memory of thankful people, they side by side with you in schools’ names, in monuments, in memorial plaques and aircrafts which were named after the Heroes of Ukraine Kostiantyn Mohylko and Dmytro Maiboroda. Opening a memorial plaque in the honor of our Heroes-aviators, we honor a cherished memory of all those who laid down their lives for own people and Ukraine, and for us, – he noted.

Kostiantyn Mohylko was killed on June 6, 2014, in the sky over the town of Sloviansk Donetsk oblast from terrorists’ missile that hit the reconnaissance aircraft which he flied. He managed to take the aircraft aside from the settlement and at the expense of his own life to escape the victims among the civilians.

Dmytro Maiboroda was killed on July 14, 2014, when his AN-26 was shot down in Krasnodar rayon Luhansk oblast. He along with Major Dmytro Shkarbun navigated an aircraft to the utmost that is allowed other crew’s members to evacuate.