A memorial chapel in the memory of the perished Special Forces officers was opened in Kirovohrad

February 23, 2016
The chapel was opened on the territory of the separate Special Forces regiment

“The anti-terrorist operation, during which the best Ukrainian sons die, continues for more than two years. Among them, there are our comrades-in-arms who, carrying out their professional and patriotic duty, went to protect the Homeland without any hesitation. Unfortunately, some of them didn’t come back alive. The best award for those who survived is life, for those who perished – memory. Therefore, we open a memorial in the memory of our perished sworn brothers”, – the regiment’s representative noted at the memorial opening ceremony.

Volunteers helped to install the memorial. Bishop of Kirovohrad and Holovanivsk Mark consecrated it. It is assumed that the memorial will become a kind of a chapel, where the service men will be able to turn to the God.

“What we have done, was a difficult task, but at the same a simple one. It was simple, because many people helped us with an open heart. But it was also hard, because, when we picked up photos, we had to take over hundreds, or maybe even thousands of photos. Besides, there are a lot of memories and stories about those people. We wept ourselves out. What I want to say…Fellows, please, take care of yourselves”, – volunteer Oksana Chervona said.