ATO participants in Kharkiv will receive financial aid on the Defenders’ Day of Ukraine

January 14, 2016
Such a decision was adopted on January 13 on the Kharkiv Local Council session

The appropriate changes were made to the expense budget on the exercise of the Program for promotion of the safe life-sustaining activity in the sphere of social protection of the population of Kharkiv on 2013-2016.

According to the program, a one-time financial aid to the Defenders’ Day of Ukraine can be received on the personal request of the warfare participants in the area of anti-terrorist operation, war disabled veterans from the participants of ATO warfare, members of the families of the perished in ATO participants which are registered in the Department of Labor and Social Protection of population of administration rayons of the city of Kharkiv.

As the deputy of the Local Council Head on the issues of health and social protection of population Svitlana Horbunova-Ruban said on the last session, the Local Council allocated money for financial aid for treatment of the warriors who need that. After that, NGOs addressed to the Local Council with a request to ensure payments of financial aid to all the ATO participants.

“The city responded to the request of the NGOs. Moreover, a similar program acts in the region, too. We changed the order of the financial aid payment to the participants of ATO warfare. Now, all the ATO participants will be able to receive such an aid to the feast. To receive it, they will need to write a claim to the Head of the Local Council”, – underlined Svitlana Horbunova-Ruban.