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Inhabitants of Ternopil keep a memory about their countryman, the hero and intelligence man Yaroslav Horoshko

June 3, 2014
On June 8, 2014, it will be 20 years from the day of death of courageous warrior

Inhabitants of Ternopil keep a memory about their countryman, the hero and intelligence man Yaroslav HoroshkoOn October 4, 1957, in Borshchivka village, Ternopil region, in the family of village teachers Motria Lavrentiivna and Pavlo Kindratovych, a son Yaroslav was born.

A Hero of the USSR, lieutenant-colonel Yaroslav Pavlovych Horoshko went through Afghan war of 1979-1989 with dignity, he was directly involved in the creation of the units of Special Forces of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.

On June 8, 1994, during diving exercises, lieutenant-colonel Horoshko tragically died and he was buried in his native village.

In 2003, a Book of memory was created at the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine. It includes the information about the persons who did a significant contribution to the development of military intelligence of Ukraine. The first page of this book dedicated to Yaroslav Pavlovych Horoshko.

His countrymen also have kept a memory about hero. Today, a native school of Yaroslav Horoshko is named after him. Traditionally, on September 1, during the festivities, a right to be in guard of honor and lay the flowers to the bas-relief of Hero is granted to the best pupils of the school.

To tragic anniversary of death of the intelligence man, Ternopil regional state TV and radio company will broadcast series of TV and radio programs on June 4-8, 2014, dedicated to the blessed memory of lieutenant-colonel Yaroslav Horoshko. On June 8, the TV channel “TTB” will broadcast a program “Lost in Time”; this program is about the hero’s course of life. In addition, his combat colleagues, men from the same village, teachers and relatives will share the reminiscences about Yaroslav Pavlovych in TV program “Morning with TTB” and in radio program “I have something to say”.

It should be noted that a work on celebration in honour of the heroic countrymen has a system nature in Ternopil. Particularly, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of withdrawal troops from Afghanistan, an exhibition of documents “Our pain of other people’s war” is held at national archives of the region. One section of this exhibition dedicated to Yaroslav Horoshko.