The Power of Unbroken

October 10, 2015
Reconnaissance men were delegates of the Nationwide Forum of ATO Participants, at the working of which the President of Ukraine took part
The Power of Unbroken

Petro Poroshenko praised the initiative on the establishment of organization, which unites heroes of war for independence and territorial integrity of the state.

“I am convinced that your newly created organization will not only consider the issues of social protection of its members, but also will be directly involved in strengthening the defence capability of the Ukrainian state, increasing patriotism of the Ukrainian army and the young generation,” the Head of State noted.

The President stressed that the war is not over yet, but due to tremendous efforts of Ukrainian militaries and diplomats, we managed to cease-fire and reach an armistice. “Your experience, patriotism, skills and authority are vital for the state. The war is not over yet. We need strong, patriotic, well-trained, efficient Ukrainian army with unique combat experience,” Petro Poroshenko said.

During President’s speech, the Petro Poroshenko suggested celebrating the Day of Defender of Ukraine, which the country will celebrate on October 14 for the first time, under the slogan “The Power of Unbroken”, because this holiday was commenced in difficult times for honoring the courage and heroism of defenders of independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

The President of Ukraine emphasized that the government and the public are working together to ensure proper social support for ATO participants. “For the first time, Ukraine allocates more than 5% of its GDP for the security and defense sector, for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other law enforcement agencies. However, we understand that the fulfillment of our social obligations to the ATO participants should also be a top-priority,” the Head of State noted.

President of Ukraine urged ATO participants to join patriotic education. “Who else as not you, is the authority for rising generation? Who as not you, go to school to teach basic military training that must be certainly renewed. On whose example, as not on your, to teach how to love Motherland?” President of Ukraine noted.

The President presented state awards to the servicemen – ATO participants.