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“The Watch Hands Stopped at Midnight”

December 19, 2016
A new project under this name was presented in the National Museum of History of Ukraine in the Second World War
“The Watch Hands Stopped at Midnight” “The Watch Hands Stopped at Midnight”

Events dedicated to the winter festivities were launched in the museum. During this period, the employees of the establishment traditionally prepare presents for visitors in the form of unusual expositions. This year, a unique collection of watches belonging to the Second World War veterans was presented. It received the name “The watch hands stopped at midnight”.

During the Second World War, watches were of no less importance than weapons. It was impossible to coordinate joint actions of different military units without accurate chronometers. Among the warriors, watches were quite often considered a more valuable decoration than common awards.

More than 60 watches of Soviet, German, Swiss, American production as well as relevant documents are presented at the exhibition. Every watch has an interesting story. In particular, the trophy watch of reconnaissance man Mykola Cherba was obtained in the course of night reconnaissance in Odessa region. Mykola Cherba kept this watch for over 55 years, thereafter he handed it over to the museum.

The warriors on the frontline in snow-covered trenches, glancing at the hands of their watches, waited with impatience for a New Year to come and cherished the hope that maybe next year would bring victory over the enemy and the desired meeting with relatives.

The museum invites all to see this New Year’s project. Find a watch that catches your attention the most and learn its unique story!