Intelligence Officers Just Like Historians Always Rely On Facts

January 25, 2018
Historian Vitalii Skalskyi told DIU employees little known century-old facts
Intelligence Officers Just Like Historians Always Rely On Facts

At one time the Soviet system and nowadays the Kremlin system is manipulating people and influencing how historical events are perceived via various ploys.

Candidate of Science in History, research scientist of the Department of History of the Ukrainian Revolution (1917s-1920s) of the Institute of the History of Ukraine of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine Vitalii Skalskyi gave a lot of examples when historical myths served a particular ideology and political regimes as well as effectively performed the role of groundwork for manipulating public conscience. Addressing the DIU workforce, the scientist spoke about what needs to be done by intelligence officers who constantly come across adversary propaganda in their line of work, and how to distinguish truth from myth.

Historical myths are similar to bullets in a conventional war. Today, Ukrainians are faced with the task of not only liberating the occupied territory Ukraine, but also liberating its national history from captivity of manipulation and myths. Intelligence officers understand this better than anyone. They sincerely thanked the guest for an interesting lecture and proposed to hold such meetings on a regular basis.