A Reconnaissance Man Always Study

June 12, 2021
Cadets of faculty of preparation of specialists of military intelligence and the Special Forces of the Military Academy (based in Odesa) will combine a summer vacation and pedagogical practice
A Reconnaissance Man Always Study

For several years, cadets of the faculty, who demonstrate excellent performance in education, discipline and sports, are sent to the Carpathians to participate in training camps, which is held by the Educational Center "Haidamatska Sich" for teenagers.

According to "ArmyINFORM", the cadets' task is to be instructors and senior friends for children. And at the same time, to master the skills of a mentor, psychologist and organizer. Because in a short time (the shift in the camp lasts ten days) it is necessary to gain affection and attention of such a diverse audience as schoolchildren.

– We are cooperating with the faculty, where the officers for Spercial Operations Forces and intelligence of the Ukrainian army are being trained extremely productively for the third year in a row. The boys give one hundred percent. Physical exercises are done together with them, they go to the mountains, the basis of "hand-to-hand combat" are taught for them, the classes on premedical first aid are organized, the radio training on communications on a portable transmitter is even arranged – said the head of EC "Haidamatska Sich" Vadym Kirov.