Intelligence men received blessings from Holy Patriarch of Kyiv and all Rus-Ukraine, Filaret

June 6, 2014
On the eve of Holy Trinity Sunday, Holy Patriarch of Kyiv and all Rus-Ukraine Filaret visited Defence Intelligence of Ukraine

His Holiness having seen the church of St. Nicolas Myrlikiiskyi the Miracle-Worker, Museum of history of military intelligence and the objects of infrastructure of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, met with the intelligence men.

Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine Major-General Yurii Pavlov noted that the arrival of Holy Patriarch is a great privilege for the employees of intelligence agency of the Defence Ministry of Ukraine, and accorded him the right of word.

In his speech, Holy Patriarch underscored:

“Dear friends! I’m very glad to address to such audience for the first time. First of all, I want to congratulate all on election of new president Petro Poroshenko. Our people lay great hopes on newly elected President including concerning the strengthening of Ukrainian army. If there is no army – there is no state. There is no language – there is no nation. There is no church – there is no a spiritual potential of state.

Today, Ukraine is in a difficult situation. We are the victim of aggression. We lost Crimea. Insidious enemy tries to capture the east of Ukraine. The people ask – who will win? We will win! Today we are not strong but we stand on the way of truth and it always win. The god will never be with untruth. Evil and God are an incompatible. But it is necessary not just to believe but to be convinced that God helps us.

Warriors must not afraid of death. It is necessary to remember that there is no a deeper love how to give own life for people and Motherland. It is necessary to afraid of sin. We must have a high spirit, and our spirit depends on belief in God.

It is necessary to have a strong army because an enemy appeared – and it’s for a long time.

Ukrainian church has always been, is and will be with people and army. Every day church prays for our army. But we not only pray, church helps army in practice. It means that church blesses servicemen and all people to defend our Motherland.

We believe that our army will be able to defend our state. Guarantee of this is a God. The truth with us! We will win! When we will see how we will gain a victory over aggressor, – our faith become stronger.

Glory to God!

Glory to Ukraine!”

The audience thanked Holy Patriarch for his sincere speech with prolonged applause. Taking unique opportunity, agency’s personnel tried to hear the answers on the most burning and painful questions from Primate of Kyiv Patriarchate. In his turn, Holy Patriarch of Kyiv and all Rus-Ukraine Filaret answered all questions in detail; he dwelled on a destructive role of the leadership of Moscow Patriarchate and shameful cases of mockeries over Ukrainian churches in the Crimea.

“We have not rebukes to the believers and episcopate but the leadership of Moscow Patriarchate don’t want to condemn aggressor and his actions”, – noted Primate of Kyiv Patriarchate.

In conclusion of meeting, Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine Major-General Yurii Pavlov sincerely thanked Holy Patriarch for all-round assistance to scouts and he awarded him with the honourable insignia of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine as well as presented a statuette of owl – a symbol of wisdom, vigilance and attention.