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russia Wants to Involve Belarus into the War

June 28, 2022

russia Wants to Involve Belarus into the WarVadym Skibitskyi, a representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, said on the air of the nationwide telethon that russian invaders do not stop trying to involve Belarus in the war against Ukraine.

According to military intelligence, the Belarusians have less and less room for maneuver and excuses due to their unwillingness to fight against Ukraine.

At the beginning of a full-scale russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Belarusians provided the russian occupiers with airfields, infrastructure, and territory. Now, the Belarusians are giving ammunitions and weapons to the invaders, which they use against the Armed Forces of Ukraine and peaceful Ukrainians. The territory of Belarus became a springboard for the russian occupiers to attack Ukraine. However, such loyalty is not enough for russians: they demand that Belarusians take an active part in hostilities.

Also, the representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine added that according to analytics, russia may commit several sabotages in the territory of Belarus to involve the state in the war. The enemy already has experience of such operations and can attack the Belarusians, accusing them of attacking the Ukrainian Armed Forces.