Greeting From the Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine on the Occasion of the 26th Anniversary of the Military Intelligence of Ukraine

September 7, 2018

Dear colleagues! Dear veterans!

БУРБА Василь Васильович

Seventh September is a special date for everyone who combined his life with military intelligence and made a considerable contribution in ensuring national security of Ukraine at different stages of its existence.

Today, strong in spirit, hardened in war, strong like granite intelligence officers take risks with courageous and cold mind. They don’t think about distinguished glory or high awards but they are filled with great desire for victory and revenge the enemy for their combat sworn brothers who laid their lives on altar of victory for the sake of the best future of Ukraine.

“Fire of the desperate does not burn, the fire of the desperate just warms. And the blood from the wounds of the brave is not flowing. No one bullet does not kill the immortals…” – these poetic lines, written by the participant of combat actions Ihor Boichuk, can characterize fearless warriors-reconnaissance men who are defending their native land in the east of Ukraine.

On the occasion of the Day of Military Intelligence of Ukraine, I congratulate DIU workforce, in which hearts a boundless love for Homeland is burning, and I thank you for high professionalism, understanding of personal responsibility for the fate of our country, readiness to sacrifice themselves for it. Also I’m grateful to veterans for invaluable experience that you pass young generation of intelligence officers, and for comprehensive assistance aimed at enhancing the activity of our intelligence agency.

I sincerely wish all of you strength and believe in victory, which help us to withstand in this struggle, good health, happiness, successes in building of independent and powerful European state!

Glory to Ukraine!


Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine

Lieutenant General Vasyl BURBA