The President of Ukraine visited the wounded scout Ihor Hordiichuk

February 24, 2016
The Hero of Ukraine Ihor Hordiichuk currently has positive postoperative dynamics
The President of Ukraine visited the wounded scout Ihor Hordiichuk

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko visited the Hero of Ukraine, the wounded Colonel Ihor Hordiichuk in the National Military-Medical Clinical Centre “The Main Military Clinical Hospital”. The officer has been recently operated by three doctors, citizens of Canada, who provide aid to wounded service men – ATO participants within a joint Canadian-Ukrainian action.

Doctors informed the President of Ukraine that Ihor Hordiichuk currently has positive postoperative dynamics. Petro Poroshenko remembered previous meetings with the courageous officer and noted: “You’ve done a great job, and standed it all. Such warriors, as you are, are pillars of our Army and Ukraine”.

The Head of the State emphasized that everybody waits for the return of the injured Colonel to the lyceum. “Your experience and knowledge will be extremely important to our new generation of the Homeland defenders. As President and Supreme Commander-in-Chief, on behalf of the Ukrainian people, I am extremely grateful to you for your feat and heroism”, – Petro Oleksiyovych said.

The officer’s wife, in her turn, thanked the President for support and understanding. Petro Poroshenko and Ihor Hordiichuk have also appreciated the qualification and experience of Ukrainian doctors.

In particular, the Head of the State thanked the Canadian doctors Carolyn Lewis, Oleh Antonyshyn and Christine Waller for helping the injured Colonel. “Just optimism and faith of Ihor Hordiichuk and skills of the doctors guaranteed that we would bring him back to life. Not just save him, but return to an active life”, – Petro Poroshenko said during a meeting with them.

During the meeting with foreign specialists, the Head of the State mentioned: “I am very grateful that you were not ignorant. It is very easy nowadays to stay at home, and say that it has nothing to deal with us. But your arrival is a symbol that we are not alone against the aggressor state, the whole world is with us, the whole world supports Ukraine in our face”.

The President of Ukraine awarded Oleh Antonyshyn the Order “For merits”, III degree, Carolyn Lewis and Christine Waller – the Order of Princess Olha, III degree, for personal merits, charity and providing high quality medical care for Ukrainian service men.