Truth from the front is of the utmost importance

June 6, 2015
On the occasion of the professional holiday, the President of Ukraine awarded the journalists who covered the events in Donbas and in the Crimea with the state awards
Truth from the front is of the utmost importance

“This year, we have made a decision to award journalists with the Order “For Merit”. And I would ask each of you to accept this award as a combat insignia for the deeds that you did and that you received protecting Motherland”, the Head of State said at the beginning of the meeting with the journalists.

“Who could think that in order to inform audience about the truth, journalists must risk their lives, and some of them lay down ones? I would like to stress that your work, your reportages, your truth from the front are extremely important for our state because the front of information war is no less important and dangerous than real front”, Petro Poroshenko said.

It is very pleased that among awardees journalists are a lot of sincere friends of scouts who from the beginning of ATO prepared a great number of truthful and professional materials about real defenders of Ukrainian state in order to inform Ukrainian society.

We sincerely congratulate all journalists on the occasion of professional holiday and wish them new achievements in the name of our Motherland – Ukraine!