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Train that Connects Khmelnytskyi and Luhansk Regions Is Named after the Hero of Ukraine Maksym Yarovets

March 11, 2020 / on-line edition "SuspilneUA"
Train that Connects Khmelnytskyi and Luhansk Regions Is Named after the Hero of Ukraine Maksym Yarovets

From today, the named train "Maksym Yarovets" is launched. Train no. 138/137, which connects Khmelnytskyi region with Lysychansk (Luhansk region) was named in honour of inhabitant of Khmelnytskyi - the hero of Ukraine Maksym Yarovets.

Vladyslav Bondar, his friend and initiator of providing the name to the train, said this. Maksym Yarovets was killed in 2016 in the East of Ukraine while performing a combat mission.

Vladyslav initiated a project to name the train that connects Khmelnytskyi and Luhansk regions, namely Khmelnytskyi and Lysychansk, in honour of the hero of Ukraine Maksym Yarovets.

Relatives, sister, godparents and parents of the hero of Ukraine Maksym Yarovets came to meet the named train at the railway station. Oleksandr Baran said that in 2012 Maksym individually chose the faculty of “Special Forces” and at the age of 21 he was a company commander.

“He was a company commander of the 130th separate reconnaissance battalion of deep reconnaissance. He served in the Anti-Terrorist Operation zone for six months. On October 5, 2016, he was killed while performing a combat task, when he was returning from reconnaissance. He lacked 500 meters to reach his position,” Maksym Yarovets's father Oleksandr Baran said.

Maksym's mother Natalia Baran says that her son wanted to be a serviceman since childhood.

“He went in for shooting, karate. He was seriously engaged in weightlifting, while studying at the military academy. He read a lot of books about Special Forces and said "only intelligence." When the war started, he was a second-year student and his course wrote reports to be sent to the ATO area. They said "that we will sit at desks when the country is at war."

Vladyslav Bondar told primarily Maksym's parents about his desire to make a named train.

“He came to us with this idea, we supported him of course. I said it would be very difficult to do this, to go through a lot of government offices, but he said, "It's all right, I'll do it."

Vladyslav Bondar remembers that he worked as a trainman when he met Maksym Yarovets. It was 2012. They became best friends for 4 years of communication with Maksym.

When Maksym was killed, Vladyslav was abroad and did not know about it.

“Vladik's father died. Father buried there where Maksym is. Vladik accidentally went to his father and saw familiar face and it was our Maksym. And he found us in the Internet". Oleksandr Baran adds that he himself wanted to go to war in eastern Ukraine.

"It hurts that I don't have a child, but I still live. We miss him, we cry, but we live. I would like that all the perished heroes who laid down their lives in the East of Ukraine were remembered. We must remember that their deaths are not in vain".

Daryna Denysenko,
on-line edition "SuspilneUA"