Assigned Tasks are Completed!

October 3, 2019
Combined aerial reconnaissance group returned to Zhytomyr Military Institute after completion of “Rapid Trident – 2019” exercises
Assigned Tasks are Completed!

The International Exercises Rapid Trident – 2019, which lasted two weeks, have been recently completed at the International Peacekeeping and Security Center (Lviv region).

More than 3600 servicemen and 600 vehicles from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Georgia, Lithuania, Turkey, Moldova, Bulgaria, Poland and Romania took part in the exercises.

Cadets and instructors from Zhytomyr Military Institute named after Serhii Koroliov were involved in the exercises with the aim of conducting aerial reconnaissance, using unmanned aviation complexes. Mentioned above group in the course of exercises was divided in two subgroups that were conducting aerial reconnaissance for the benefits of imaginary warring parties with the help of the unmanned aviation complexes in the daytime as well as at night amidst of employment of electronic warfare by imaginary enemy, practiced acquisition and processing of the intelligence data, camouflaged own positions, as well as spotted artillery fire.

According to results of the event, the international leadership of the exercises noted a high level of complexity of Rapid Trident – 2019.