Wounded Reconnaissance Man Won in All-Ukrainian Competition “Games of Heroes”

May 20, 2019
Viktor Bernov received wound, serving in the 131st separate reconnaissance battalion, while defending Ukraine against the Russian aggressors
Wounded Reconnaissance Man Won in All-Ukrainian Competition “Games of Heroes”

Today 40-year-old Viktor Bernov has come home from Kharkiv, where on May 18, 2019, “Games of Heroes” the National CrossFit Tournament for disabled warriors was conducted. Viktor secured first place in contest among athletes on wheelchairs.

“Our “Zioma” (in Ukrainian it means countryman), Victor had this call-sign. He keeps body in tone on his farm. He has a big farming. And the fact that he has currently disabilities, is not an issue for him. He has skillfully ridden and cultivated the land. He didn’t train especially for tournament, but secured first place,” said winner’s friend Volodymyr Stelmakh, who accompanied his on tournament.

“Zioma” was blown up on a grenade. He covered it by his body, and saved his combat sworn brothers who were near to him. He saved the guys at the cost of his own legs. Last year, he secured second place, this year – first one. He said that he would go to the tournament next year. Viktor as the rest of the participants show by their example that everything in life can be overcome despite the situation in which people could appear. The main thing is never give up. Certainly, “Zioma” was glad to his win and consecrated it to his two sons,” – said Viktor’s sworn brother.