Ukrainian Military Intelligence Officer, wounded during ATO, will Participate in a Marathon of the US Marine Corps

October 20, 2017
During the event, Yuri Dmytrenko will complete a ten kilometer run

On October 22, 2017 a Marathon of the US Marine Corps will be held in Washington D.C. This will be the second time that Ukrainian soldiers, who were injured while protecting our state from Russian aggressors, will take part in this world-famous event. Among the participants of the Marathon is Yury Dmitrenko, a military intelligence officer who served in one of the intelligence battalions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and lost his leg as a result of a serious injury sustained in the course of performing a combat task.

During the event, three Ukrainian participants will complete a 42 km run, one will cover the distance on an adapted tricycle while seven more men, including Yurii, will complete a 10 km run.

Ukrainian participants of the Marathon recently arrived to Washington D.C. They received a warm welcome at the airport from representatives of the Ukrainian Diaspora as well as the Ukrainian Embassy, and all those who are not indifferent. “Of course, this is not merely a sporting event but also a very significant event for the bilateral relations which exist between the United States and Ukraine, as well as with our friends from the UK and Canada; because it creates an entirely new background for other decisions which are important to Ukraine - assistance in the field of security and defense”, - said Ambassador Valeriy Chalyi who was among those who welcomed the courageous soldiers.