Wounded scouts who undergoes treatment at military hospitals, sincere thank children for letters, drawings and support

January 20, 2015
Supporting of wounded servicemen is conducted within the framework of Ukrainian campaign “Letter to wounded”

Ukrainian campaign “Letter to wounded” continues. It began in August 2014, on initiative of Defence Ministry of Ukraine and Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Every day tens of letters, drawings and talismans from children of different regions of Ukraine come into the military hospitals including in Dnipropetrovsk, from entire Ukraine. Overwhelming majority of letters come by post office. Sometimes letters bring personally. So, almost 100 letters, drawings and colourful presents for wounded defenders of Motherland came in Dnipropetrovsk hospital for the last days.

– Children often draw defenders of Motherland, blue peaceful sky and the sun. They thank our soldiers and officers for heroism and courage and wish them to return home alive, – said the Deputy of Head of Military Hospital on Education.

Wounded scouts who receive treatment in military hospitals, express gratitude to little Ukrainians as well as sincerely thank children for assistance.

In-depth information concerning the addresses of military hospitals you can receive in regional Department of Education and Science.