Last witness of Nuremberg tribunal died

April 30, 2015
On April 28, 2015, front intelligence officer, a veteran of the Second World War Yosyf Davydovych Hoffmann came into eternal
Last witness of Nuremberg tribunal died

In 1945–1946, 20-year-old reconnaissance man was a personal security guard of Roman Rudenko – chief prosecutor from the USSR in International military tribunal in Nuremberg during which the leaders of Nazi Germany were being judged. Remembering those events, Yosyf Hoffmann told:

– I had a hate towards these nonhumans. I have had own private reckonings with fascists. My father was missing in war. My grandmamma and granddad have no time to evacuate and were buried alive in land by fascists. So among five members of our family fighting against the fascists I was the one to survive.

Yosyf Davydovych ended his military career in the rank of a colonel, he actively engaged in public activities and patriotic education of youth, published a series of books: “Living history”, “Political minimum. Wisdom of thousand years”, “About the past for the future” and others. The greatest achievement of Hoffmann in the field of literary was the book “Nuremberg warns” where Yosyf Davydovych shared with his recollection about tribunal and with the extracts from the inaccessible documents earlier. For the great historical and cultural significance above-mentioned book, the Association of war veterans of the USA presented Mr. Hoffmann with the medal “Victory”.

Yosyf Davydovych condemned aggressive actions of Russian Federation in the East of Ukraine, emphasizing that “if the Third World War occurs, it will finish such way that nobody and no one will judge”.