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Special Forces Personnel from All over the Country Met in Matchup near Odesa

October 1, 2019 / News Agency of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine “Army Inform”

Open competitions for the best Special Forces unit (counteraction to sabotage and terrorist actions) are organized by the Military Law Enforcement Service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Apart from representatives of the Military Law Enforcement Service, teams from the Military Academy (Odesa), the National Police, the National Guards, the State Border Service of Ukraine and the State Guard Department are also taking part.

Tournament is traditionally held on the basis of the Center for Ensuring the Educational Process of the Military Academy.

As Colonel Oleksii Sviderskyi, chief of the competition, the Chief of Special Forces Department of the Southern Territorial Directorate of the Military Law Enforcement Service told a correspondent of Army Inform, the tournament is held on common tactical background. According to a legend, our serviceman run into a trouble in the enemy territory (for example, a pilot was ejected from the shot down aircraft). The Special Forces unit is tasked with finding, rendering assistance and evacuating the serviceman.

To perform this task, each group has to undergo several stages. Particularly, moving in a searching area through landing from helicopter with using parachutes or special ropes. Then, in the course of searching, groups have to make terrain orientation, to establish communication with the command, to surmount mined area and water obstacle, to overcome obstacle course for reconnaissance men, etc. After disclosing casualty man, Special Forces servicemen have to render him first medical aid and to evacuate him to our position.

All stages as much as possible close to situations that may arise in real combat conditions.

The participants of training have to demonstrate their skills in marksmanship, to perform combat assault of a building where terrorists are holding hostages, to accomplish 10 kilometer foot-march in battlesuit.

– During the evaluation of the participants' actions, the judges pay great attention to comprehension of assigned tasks by the groups and quality of its performance, level of command and control the units, compliance with safety measures, - Colonel Oleksii Sviderskyi said.

The officer also noted that these competitions are not only aimed at determining the best unit but it is also a good opportunity to assess high and appropriate criteria of servicemen in performing typical tasks, to share advanced experience in employment of new tactical techniques, to test new ways of employment of Special Forces groups.