We Remember Always

June 8, 2019
Twenty-five years ago a legendary intelligence officer Yaroslav Horoshko tragically died
We Remember Always

The Hero of Afghan war, awarded with many combat orders and the “Golden Star” Order of Hero of the Soviet Union, on offer to take a high military position in Moscow said: “I am a Ukrainian and want to return to serve in Ukraine”.

Since September 1993, strong-willed, tough but fair commander began to perform very responsible affair – to train Special Forces units of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine the way that his long military experience prompted. As a combat commander, Yaroslav Pavlovych did not have a right to drop behind his subordinates. He used to be the best.

On June 8, 1994, during one of the training sessions on diving, the Hero of the Soviet Union Lieutenat-Colonel Horoshko tragically died.

Yaroslav Pavlovych left two sons – Pavlo and Ivan. As their father dreamt, they both became officers. With honor and dignity the descendants of the Hero continued the glorious traditions to serve the Motherland. Since the first days of beginning of the russian armed aggression, they have been defending Ukraine. Father fostered them in such way. In such way he fostered many Ukrainian warriors who remember their Teacher with pride and with thanks up to now.