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UPDATE – Intelligence Officers Destroyed russian “Mangust” Speedoat in Crimea

May 6, 2024

UPDATE – Intelligence Officers Destroyed russian “Mangust” Speedoat in CrimeaOn 6 May 2024, “Group 13” unit of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine destroyed a russian “mangust” high-speed patrol boat, designated project 12150, using a Magura V5 maritime strike drone.

Boats of this class are used by the russian fleet and special services as multi-purpose high-speed vessels for patrolling the waters, fighting saboteurs, and conducting search and rescue operations.

“mangust” have been in production since 2000. The boat is up to 20 metres long and 5 metres wide and has a maximum speed of 50 knots.

The modified versions of the speedboats are equipped with remote-controlled combat modules with the main standard weapon - a 14.5 mm machine gun.

The russians also have two AGS-17 automatic grenade launchers, a DP-64 hand-held anti-sabotage grenade launcher and two “Igla” or “Verba” MANPADS on board the “mangust”.

The estimated cost of the destroyed “mangust” is about $3 million.

Glory to Ukraine!