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In Crimea, as a Result of DIU Mission, Enemy Speed Boat Destroyed

May 6, 2024

As a result of the operation run by the DIU’s “Group 13” unit, the high-speed boat of the russian invaders was destroyed by a Magura V5 sea drone.

The mission in Uzka Bay in the temporarily occupied Crimea saw success with the assistance of the United24 platform.

As the fear of Ukrainian attacks forces the invaders to redeploy their black sea fleet’s large-sized warships farther away from the peninsula, combat work continues against the high-speed vessels illegally remaining in the Ukrainian territorial waters of Crimea.

This is to remind that Magura V5 attack sea drones destroyed russian warships “tsezar kunikov”, “ivanovets”, “sergey kotov”, “akula” and “serna”, as well as damaged “ivan khurs” warships.

We continue to destroy occupiers!

Glory to Ukraine!