Officer-scout is eternally enlisted to one of the units of the National Army Academy

March 29, 2016
In such a way, the Academy decided to commemorate Captain Kyryl Andreyenko
Officer-scout is eternally enlisted to one of the units of the National Army Academy

On March 27, 2016, a commemoration ceremony was held at Hetman Petro Sahaidachnyi National Army Academy. It was devoted to the Academy graduate Captain Kyryl Andreyenko, who died in the ATO area while carrying out the combat mission. The event was arranged on the occasion of admission of the officer to the list of the personnel of one of the courses of the Troops Combat Employment Faculty of the Academy. This became possible due to the appropriate decision of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine.

The event, held at the Center of Culture and Leisure of the institution, started with a demonstration of the film about the story of life and service of the reconnaissance group commander of the separate Special Forces regiment Captain Andreyenko.

"It was a real officer who immediately won the affection for his beyond years prudent attitude to really difficult service duties, for his warm fatherly attitude toward the subordinates, the ability to always find a way out of any complicated situation that arose during either tactical exercises, or during the anti-terrorist operation", – such a description of the commander has been given by one of the comrades-in-arms of Captain Andreyenko in the film.

Lieutenant Colonel Ihor Poltsev, Kyryl's former teacher, has also told about his student: "Reconnaissance is considered to be one of the most dangerous military specialties. However, Kyryl Andreyenko admired it even more for that, he always believed that his place was in surveillance patrol, so, he wanted to be only among the first in the frontline. "

The hero's wife - Olena Andreyenko – has also shared her sincere and frank recollections with the audience. She presented her husband's personal singlet to the Academy unit, to the ranks of which Captain Andreyenko is forever enlisted.

Later on, Kyryl's family, his former teachers and commanders honored all the Academy graduates who died defending Ukraine from the Russian aggression, by laying flowers to the commemorative stele on the Walk of Fame of the Academy graduates. They also visited the exhibit in the memory of Captain Kyryl Andreyenko, which was recently arranged in the cadets' unit.