Ukraine is Proud of Them

April 1, 2019
Five years ago, the 131st separate reconnaissance battalion was established

In the first days of the Russian aggression, the best representatives of Self-Defence of Maidan took responsibility for the protection of Homeland. In such a way mass volunteer movement, which became a basis and motivating force for the new Ukrainian troops, appeared. On April 1, 2014, the 131st separate reconnaissance battalion was established; it was manned predominantly the warriors-volunteers.

Battalion’s personnel were the first who went into action with the Russian occupants and have been ruthlessly annihilating the enemy in the east of Ukraine over five years. The servicemen of the battalion often through superhuman efforts gained important intelligence data from Shyrokino to Volnovakha and from Popasna to Stanytsia Luhanska. Dozens of the warriors were awarded with the state awards for their feat of arms. Unfortunately, twelve of them were posthumously awarded. High fighting spirit of the reconnaissance men and their readiness to defend the country became an example for inheritance in many military units of the Ukrainian army that amidst the war was reviving its combat capability and military glory.

Today, the 131st separate reconnaissance battalion is among the best military units of the Ukrainian army. Its combat capability is increasing every day. The warriors of battalion are perfectly prepared, highly-trained and well-equipped.

We congratulate you, combat sworn brothers, on the fifth anniversary of the creation of the glorious unit. We thank you for your feat of arms and your service to Homeland!

Ukraine is proud of you!