Modern technical inventions developed for the scouts

February 13, 2016
The Military Academy team began to develop software for the needs of intelligence units and formations
Modern technical inventions developed for the scouts

In the rapidly changing and complicated conditions of the modern combat, technical programs and means, helping the commander to take the right decision quicker and notify it to the subordinates, acquire utmost importance.

Taking into account the acquired in the ATO combat experience, the executives of the Military Academy Faculty for preparation of military intelligence and Special Forces specialists initiated the development and implementation of infoware for modern communication means into the educational process.

Experienced specialists of the Computer Systems Institute of Odessa National Polytechnic University immediately informed about their readiness to help the scouts in the above-mentioned issues. Volunteers of "Army SOS" non-governmental initiative, in their turn, passed two modern tablet computers to the Faculty.

It is planned that future officers-scouts will master the developed software during their studies in the Military Academy, and after graduation, they will continue to implement it in military intelligence units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.