Shortly, Warriors Of One Of The Reconnaissance Battalions Will Receive Interesting Books From The Ukrainian Institute Of National Memory

June 21, 2018
After awhile, books will be delivered to other reconnaissance military units

Yesterday, the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory gave a load of information-and-educational materials, developed under the aegis of the institute, to the synodical directorate of military clergy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv Patriarchate.

Among the materials – are publications that describe military history and combat achievements of the Ukrainian in the Army of the Ukrainian People’s Republic and UPA during the Ukrainian Revolution of 1917–1921 and the Second World War, as well as books about modern history of the state and occupation of part of the Ukrainian territory by the Russian invaders.

In its turn, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv Patriarchate through the system of military chaplains will give mentioned-above materials and will distribute them for servicemen. So, the warriors of one of the reconnaissance battalions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who are performing now tasks on the frontline, will receive publications of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory for the nearest time, the others – a bit later.