The scout, who gave his life for Ukraine, was commemorated in Dnipropetrovsk oblast

March 2, 2016
As the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine press-service informs
The scout, who gave his life for Ukraine, was commemorated in Dnipropetrovsk oblast

A memorial plaque in the honor of the scout of the 56th separate mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Roman Karas was installed in Vasylkiv region of Dnipropetrovsk oblast.

Being a courageous fighter for good and justice, he was always ready to come to help – that's how comrades-in-arms of Roman Karas remembered him. The warrior-scout died last year. He saved his sworn brothers, who fell into an ambush, at the cost of his own life. Parents, comrades-in-arms and fellow countrymen gathered to eternalize the feat of the courageous defender.

Roman Karas got to the frontline in August, 2014. Before that, he worked as a teacher of physical education in the technical vocational school. Without any hesitation, he changed his track suit into the military uniform. As he said, he couldn't have done another way.

– From the first days of the service in the battalion, Roman showed himself as a man with a firm civil position. He has never tolerated lies and was always responsible for the word he had given. He performed the most responsible and the most risky reconnaissance missions. He made every effort to help the warriors, who were engaged in the battles with him, – as his commander Colonel Ilia Lapin told us about Roman Karas.

It happened so in October, 2015, too. Roman rescued his comrades-in-arms, who fell into an ambush, but he died, being blown up by a mine. The warrior was 30 years old. Now, a memorial plaque, installed in his Pavlivska comprehensive school, will remind us about the hero's feat. The whole village came to commemorate Roman.

Eternal glory and memory to the hero!