“Peace Means Full Restoration of Territorial Integrity of Ukraine and Moscow’s Undeniable Recognition of Our Right to Walk Our Own Path”

January 29, 2019
President of Ukraine stated this during his speech at the Forum “From Kruty to Brussels. We are going our way”

During the event, President Petro Poroshenko emphasized that Ukraine needs peace. However, peace means full restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. The Head of State stressed that he would continue political and diplomatic efforts to restore the sovereignty and territorial integrity, ensure the unity of the pro-Ukrainian coalition and use the instrument of sanctions against Russia.

“I repeat again. The enemy came to us not for Crimea. The enemy came to us not for Donbas. The enemy came for the whole Ukraine, to return the fugitive to the prison of the peoples, as the Russian Empire was aptly called by French traveler de Custine two hundred years ago,” the Head of State emphasized.

“Peace is a complete restoration of territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine, nothing else. Peace is Moscow’s undeniable recognition of our right to walk our own path. We must do everything for Ukraine not to ask Moscow where to go ever again. This is an exclusive right of the Ukrainian people. And this path is called – away from Moscow,” Petro Poroshenko said.

“We will continue the line for restoring the territorial integrity of Ukraine in the political and diplomatic manner, ensuring the unity of the pro-Ukrainian coalition in the world and in the European Union, using the instrument of sanctions and the mechanism of international UN mission throughout the territory of the occupied Donbas,” the Head of State noted.