Ukraine defends the world


“We want to take Russia out of the comfort zone,” – Kyrylo Budanov

September 18, 2023

“We want to take Russia out of the comfort zone,” – Kyrylo BudanovThe head of the Defense Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Kyrylo Budanov in an interview with “The Economist” told about the role of drones in the combat operations of the Ukrainian Security and Defense Forces, and also dispelled fears about the "risk of escalation" due to the intensification of the strikes against Russia.

“Unmanned aerial vehicles will certainly facilitate operations to liberate our territories. Drones have no fear. They are not sorry,” said Kyrylo Budanov.

Using the airstrike drones, Ukraine aims to achieve several goals:

  • exhaust Russian air defense systems;
  • disable military equipment, in particular aviation;
  • to cause damage Russian military industry enterprises;
  • to create a psychological effect among the population of the Russian Federation;
  • disrupt economic processes in Russia.

“We want to take them (Russians) out of their comfort zone,” Kyrylo Budanov explained.

He denied that the new strike power could lead to escalation on the part of Russia or expose Ukraine as an aggressor.

“No one considers Great Britain or USA to be aggressors during Second World War because they bombed the territory of Germany,” Kyrylo Budanov reminded.

According to him, there is no reason to talk about the risk of escalation also because during the Russian-Ukrainian war absolutely all conventional weapons were already used – from submarines to strategic aviation.

War has been a constant throughout the entire history of Russia. There is no hope that Moscow will stop thr hostilities of its own accord, the same as talking about peace or a ceasefire at the current stage of the conflict.

"We understand that we will not end the war with a victory parade in Moscow. But Moscow should not hope to hold it in Kyiv either," Kyrylo Budanov emphasized.