Minister of Defence of Ukraine Defined Key Priorities For 2019

February 1, 2019
He emphasized this today during a meeting of the Reforms Committee of the Defence Ministry and the Armed Forces of Ukraine

“There are five priorities. These are the system-building elements of defence reform, which should encompass and concentrate all efforts of the Armed Forces and the Defence Ministry as well as subordinate structures. First one is an effective defence management that provides the integrity of democratic civilian control and a new command and control system in accordance with NATO principles,” the Minister of Defence of Ukraine noted and drew attention of the leadership of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the need to complete the establishment of a new command and control system in 2019.

The second priority, which was stated by Stepan Poltorak, is defensive planning based on capabilities, which is combined with medium term budgetary processes.

“Third priority is defence procurement imported from abroad with a new authority of the Ministry of Defence; and it will be necessary to carry out the whole complex of work here – on the basis of new rules, taking into account the norms of the relevant European standards and protocols,” underscored Stepan Poltorak.

According to the Defence Minister, the fourth priority is the optimized structure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with carriers of specific operational capabilities.

“It concerns the effective use of human potential and material resources through improvement of organizational structure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, rational ratio of the number of command and control bodies, combat units, combat service support units, institutions and organizations,” he noted.

The fifth priority direction, which was emphasized by Stepan Poltorak, is integrated system of civilian-military capabilities of our state to protect national interests, which envisages full use of political, diplomatic and military means.