Future Artillery Intelligence Officers are Mastering “Furiia” BAK

April 25, 2019
Press-service of the Hetman Petro Sahaidachnyi National Army Academy informs
Future Artillery Intelligence Officers are Mastering “Furiia” BAK Future Artillery Intelligence Officers are Mastering “Furiia” BAK

Modern weapons and military equipment are widely employing for conducting of field exercises with academy’s cadets. In particular, it is employed newest multi-purpose unmanned aircraft system of Ukrainian production A1-SM “Furiia” for training of future specialists of artillery intelligence.

“This system was given to the department in April of the last year. It is currently employing in troops for conducting of aerial reconnaissance of the enemy in tactical deep, determination of objects positions and spotting artillery fire. We teach future officers to masterfully employ it; therewith cadets use it in the course of practical exercises on marksmanship on firing range. Information made by UAV is transferred for firing units, and they, in turn, carry out target effects,” senior instructor of the department of systems and artillery intelligence equipment Lieutenant Colonel Oleksandr K. said.

“Working on this complex, I received a positive impression. To my mind, it is much-needed for the Armed Forces because there wasn’t due attention paid to aerial intelligence in the not-so-distant past. However, the war showed that this kind of intelligence is very necessary, and it must be developed further on,” cadet Dmytro N. noted.