“I want to defend my Motherland”

July 28, 2014
Exactly with these words that today the young Ukrainians are coming into educational institution
“I want to defend my Motherland”

This year, the boys and girls who want to become intelligence officers, most of all for the years of Ukrainian independence. This is evidenced by the entrance campaign going on at Military Academy (based in Odesa).

The youth want to study at the faculty of highly mobile landing troops and intelligence most. According to the leadership of educational institution, it caused, first of all, a current situation in our country.

However, the best youth will have the honour to put on cadet’s form. Conditions for admission into the Academy this year became more severe than previous years, and it also depends on calls of times. Soon, it will be held professional and psychological tests, as well as applicants will demonstrate their skills on physical training.

The fact that the profession of scout is one of the most dangerous in the world, it doesn’t frighten the young patriots. Many of those who nowadays are struggling for the right to wear cadet’s shoulder strap, have dreamed of it from childhood. And the events taking place nowadays in the Ukrainian Crimea, in the South and in the East of our state – not only changed a life choice, but strengthened it vice versa. Committing atrocities over civilian population of Donbas, the terrorists make future defenders of Motherland to aspire to become the elite of Ukrainian army and to defend their Motherland in the near future.