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Canadian Servicemen Have Shared Their Experience with the Future Reconnaissance Officers

February 4, 2021 / News Agency of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine “Army Inform”
Canadian Servicemen Have Shared Their Experience with the Future Reconnaissance Officers

Representatives of the UNIFIER mission to Ukraine conducted an introductory training with first-year cadets of the Faculty of Preparation of Specialists of Military Intelligence and Special Forces at the Military Academy (based in Odesa). This was the first joint training for future intelligence officers and military specialists from NATO member countries.

It is a known fact that a specific of employment of Special Forces and reconnaissance units provides for performing complex and multi-stage tasks. So, the cadets were very interested in learning about the international experience that is used in the training of Special Forces of the Canadian Armed Forces from Canadian colleagues.

Canadian servicemen, who are the members of the UNIFIER training mission, told about the main directions and methodological features of training of reconnaissance personnel, the content of the work of commanders in order to organize the actions of personnel at diverse conditions in accordance with the Troop Leading Procedure (TLP).

During the lessons, there were also discussed the tactics of hostilities, the using of special training for effective knowing how to handle surveillance equipment, weapons, as well as how to use physical and psychological skills. All these were very interesting and useful for the cadets. Canadian colleagues answered many questions about the peculiarities of employment of the units of the Canadian Armed Forces in the course of performing special tasks. Hereafter, it is planned to hold a TLP course with the participation of the Canadian Armed Forces servicemen, which is aimed at bringing future reconnaissance officers closer to work in accordance with NATO standards.