Izyaslav "Cascade" military-patriotic club continues to bring up the defenders of Ukraine

April 13, 2016
Pupils of the club have spent three days in the Special Forces regiment, where they prepared for skydiving

Last October, the Decree of the President of Ukraine No.580/2015 adopted the Strategy of national-patriotic education of children and youth in 2016-2020. In different parts of our country, the implementation of the Strategy provisions which involves the representatives of the reconnaissance units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, has started.

One of the best examples of establishing effective cooperation of teachers, public officials, veterans' organizations and scouts is the work of military-patriotic club "Cascade" from the town of Izyaslav, Khmelnitsk oblast.

The Public Relations Service of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine has repeatedly highlighted the military-patriotic events of Iziaslav citizens, particularly, concerning honoring the country fellow scouts, assisting the front and the activity of the club "Cascade".

Izyaslav "Cascade" military-patriotic club continues to bring up the defenders of Ukraine

In April 2016, during the spring school holidays, 16 pupils of the club along with the head of the club, a retired Lieutenant Colonel Valentyn Yaroshchuk and the chairman of the public association "Council of the veterans of the 8th Special Forces brigade" Vasyl Telezhynskyi with the support of the authorities of the department of education, youth and sports of the rayon state administration and sponsors of Iziaslav held a three-day meeting on the basis of the separate Special Forces regiment.

During the meeting, "Cascade" pupils passed tests on military topography, firing and airborne training. According to the words of Special Forces officers, all the tests were passed only at "good" marks. Currently, the pupils of the club are preparing for the future jumps with a parachute.

The Regiment’s scouts created the appropriate conditions for classes, meals and accommodation for the participants of the meeting. In particular, the teenagers were accommodated in the unit, where the Hero of Ukraine Yevhen Zelenskyi served some time ago. Besides, he was also a former pupil of the club "Cascade". In addition, a rich and interesting cultural program was prepared for the pupils of the club, while they were in the legendary military unit.