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Jonas Ohman Hands Over Another Batch of Aid to Intelligence Officers

March 31, 2024

Jonas Ohman Hands Over Another Batch of Aid to Intelligence OfficersChief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine Kyrylo Budanov met with a Swedish public figure, journalist and volunteer Jonas Ohman, who brought another large cargo of material and technical assistance to our intelligence officers.

Jonas is a great and long-standing friend of Ukraine. He has been supporting the Security and Defence Forces of our country, as well as war-affected Ukrainian civilians since 2014.

Blue/Yellow NGO, founded by Jonas Ohman in Lithuania, has raised more than € 50 million during the years of russia’s full-scale invasion.

This money was used to buy and deliver 550 vehicles, over 2,200 drones of various types, communications equipment, thermal imaging optics, protective gear, medical supplies, powerful computers and tablets, satellite internet systems and generators to the Ukrainian warriors.

In February 2023, Jonas and his team raised €14 million, which they spent on the purchase of 16 multifunctional tactical radars for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Jonas Ohman actively supports Ukraine in the public sphere. During the NATO Summit in Vilnius, the “Blue/Yellow” NGO, together with the “Stiprūs kartu/Stronger Together” NGO, raised 33,000 Ukrainian national flags in Lithuania to call on the Allies countries to consolidate their support for Ukraine’s membership in the Alliance.

We are grateful to Jonas and all foreign citizens who continue to help our nation in this time of war.