Engineering reconnaissance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the front line of renewal of peace life of citizenship

July 12, 2014
In cooperation with units of other arms and branches, engineering reconnaissance are doing all the necessary for protection of population on liberated territory of Ukraine from terrorists

In order to intimidate a local population and to inflict losses on the personnel and weapons and equipments of forces of counterterrorist operation, Putin’s traitors before their escape from numerous number of towns on the East of Ukraine have mined roads and road structures, the civil and industrial properties, buildings of bodies of state power and the place near the position of Ukrainian troops.

Having liberated Ukrainian human settlements from terrorists and Putin’s gunmen, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are conducting a number of events on protecting of population and returning it to a peace life. So, one of the most important missions is a mine clearing of the territory and the objects of infrastructure that aggressors have mined before their escape. For example, only in Slaviansk the units of engineering reconnaissance have discovered about three thousand of highly explosive items that were defused; 15 bridges and 12 office buildings were inspected. In addition, a large quantity of mined objectives were discovered and cleared of mines in Krasnyi Lyman and Mykolaivka.

During inspection of mined objects, scouts repeatedly found the evidences of assistance to the gunmen from the side of Russian Federation, notably patterns of high explosive and technical devices of Russian production for distance explosion as well as instruction from Moscow emissaries.

Due to powerful engineering school and significant experience gained during peacekeeping mission under the sponsorship of the United Nations in Lebanon, Ukrainian peacekeepers quickly and qualitatively manage to carry out work on mine clearing.