European nations have helped to modernize weapons, military equipments and reconnaissance facilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

May 27, 2015
Assistance of foreign experts together with the developments of Ukrainian scientists will allow enhancing combat potential of Ukraine

Attack of Russian Federation on Ukraine and aggressive plans of Volodymyr Putin have forced European countries to review their foreign-policy priorities and to help thoroughly Ukraine which became an outpost of civilized world before Russian invasion.

Having met the aggression of Russian terrorist troops with outmoded weapons and military equipments mainly, already in the course of holding of anti-terrorist operation, the Ukrainians mobilized all possible forces and facilities for protecting against aggression. For the sake of victory, it was used all – from homemade technical means engineered by Ukrainian inventors, volunteers and even by children till the innovative developments of military-industrial complex of Ukraine and many other countries. In this direction significant assistance has provided from neighboring and West-European states.

So, in order to increase efficiency of application of army aviation, at present time, it is implemented different systems and complexes including general Byelorussian-Ukrainian development of the interference system and French avionics.

At the same time, European countries have provided a significant assistance for Ukraine concerning the issues of modernization of current and creation of modern technical reconnaissance equipments.

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